AMQP Website Announcement Process and Guidelines


AMQP Announcements

The AMQP website announcement feature allows for news worthy items to be published on the public website. Publicly sharing news will allow the faciliation of raising awareness of the AMQP program.

If you have any AMQP announcements or news worthy items, then please use the “Announcement” feature to publish your message to a wider audience. The AMQP website offers a facility to publish that message. In order to provide consistency in the process we have pulled together the following guidelines.

Process Guideline

  1. Template Guidelines:
    • Title (plain text):
    • Date (format as YYYY-MM-DD): [a]
    • Announcement text (plain text or simple HTML):
    • Link (one URL):
  2. Approvers: Matt Arrott, John O'Hara or Laurie Bryson (on behalf of Allan Beck) (send email directly to these parties).
  3. Announcement Publishing Owners: Carol Geyer, Matthew Arrott and John O’Hara

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