Below is the process for OASIS Public Distribution as described by Carol Geyer in email to members of the AMQP member section in June 2013:

  1. We post an announcement to the main OASIS web site. It automatically gets published to our RSS feed.
  2. Our RSS feed is configured to automatically post to our Twitter account and our Facebook page (just the headline and the link gets picked up, not the body of the announcement).
  3. We post the announcement to the OASIS LinkedIn Group (by hand).

  4. Twice a month, I compile our announcements (also by hand) into a newsletter, which we send to a mailing list managed by a third-party (currently MailChimp). People are encouraged to subscribe to this mailing list via the "OASIS News" subscription box which appears on the main OASIS web site (lower right column).

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