NOTE: This wiki is provided by the OASIS standards consortium as a collaborative tool for members of the Augmented Reality in Information Products Technical Committee, who are permitted to post to these pages. As this is an official workspace of the TC, the OASIS IPR Policy and other OASIS rules apply to its use. To learn more about the work of the TC, send a comment, or join this effort, visit the OASIS ARIP TC homepage.

Wiki pages are transient documents, so intermediate edits may not be saved. TC members should move all permanent work and stable artifacts to the TC's document repository, where the archival work product of the TC also can be viewed by the public.


The ARIP TC Wiki serves the OASIS ARIP TC for collaborative design work and for management of comment responses and other tracking documents.

Note for minute-takers: Please use TXT as the format for ARIP TC minutes. When you upload the TXT file to the Kavi repository, copy the contents of the minutes into the field for the e-mail that (by default) is automatically sent to TC members when a file is uploaded.

OASIS Web and Wiki pages


ARIP TC subcommittees

Glossary Sub-Team (Rhonda, Greg, Stacey, and Sally)


Research Sub-Team (Farhad, Ray, Scott, Rhonda and Stacey)


Outreach Sub-Team (Scott)


(Germ of a possible) Metadata Sub-Team (dF)


Previous Minutes

See Summary page for previous meeting minutes


Augmented Reality resources and publications. Post publicly available demos here.

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