NOTE: This wiki is provided by the OASIS standards consortium as a collaborative tool for members of the OASIS Business Document Exchange (BDXR) Technical Committee, who are permited to post to these pages. As this is an official workspace of the TC, the OASIS IPR Policy and other OASIS rules apply to its use. To learn more about the work of the TC, send a comment, or join this effort, visit the OASIS BDXR TC homepage.

Wiki pages are transient documents, so intermediate edits may not be saved. TC members should move all permanent work and stable artifacts to the TC's document repository, where the archival work product of the TC also can be viewed by the public.

Business Document Exchange (BDXR) TC Wiki

This wiki is used by the OASIS BDXR TC as a lightweight project management, workgroup coordination, and structured discussion tool. Note that although all content is public, only BDXR TC members may edit it. (Access is only enforced when you try to save changes.)

Non-members who wish to comment on drafts during public comment periods may do so by posting to the comment list.

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