NIEM Tools and CAM


The NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) approach is designed to provide information exchanges that are interoperable and with high degree of reuse potential. The OASIS CAM approach is highly applicable to this. The NIEM also provides the Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) components as a means to technically facilitate the NIEM approach.

The open source CAM toolkit implementation of the OASIS CAM v1.1 specification provides a selection of tools that directly support NIEM.

The CAM toolkit supports end to end development of NIEM IEPDs from inception to delivery of completed XSD schema, example XML test cases and business rule documentation. The open source implementation is available through the CAM processor on Sourceforge. The toolkit is an implementation of the OASIS CAM v1.1 standard. The toolkit also supports development of domain dictionaries and currently includes the LEXS 3.1.4 release dictionary along with local copies of NIEM 2.0 and NIEM 2.1 dictionaries in XML. The toolkit also supports importing enterprise data models, applying NDR checks and spelling and renaming automation. An introduction to the concepts of using CAM to develop NIEM IEPDs using either dictionaries and blueprints, or by ingesting existing XSD schema is available at the OASIS CAM TC documents website

NIEM Tools

Specific NIEM tools that CAM provides support for include:

These products can be produced by running custom xslt scripts against the base OASIS CAM templates of NIEM exchange structures and rules. This then provides a set of tools that deliver the required products in a formal NIEM IEPD of a business exchange.

NIEM Tools dictionaries

To support the use of NIEM tools in CAM there is available dictionaries for NIEM 2.0, NIEM 2.1 and LEXS 3.1.4 in a convenient Excel spreadsheet format. This allows searching and analysis across these dictionaries for components for use in exchange blueprints. There is also available NIEM 2.1 dictionary pack on Sourceforge that works with the CAM exchange designer and expander tools.

Dictionaries are available from:


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