Hierarchical Properties

Possible Features

  1. Dependent Pick Lists
  2. Structured Documents
  3. Relationship within properties
  4. Multilingual properties

More detail here http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/cmis/200812/msg00041.html

Other references here: Scope of Hierarchical Properties



A possible model could be:

   property = single-valued-property | multi-valued-property | list- 
property | map-property

   single-valued-property = (the one in CMIS 0.5)
   multi-valued-property = (the one in CMIS 0.5)
   list-property = list of map-property with identical schemas
   map-property = map of key -> property obeying to a fixed schema

This roughly the model that Nuxeo uses. It allows for the representation of structures like (JSON):

{ "title": "Report on use of automobiles",
   "subject": ["cars", "transportation"],
   "authors": [{"firstname": "Bob", "lastname": "Smith"},  
{"firstname": "Pete", "lastname": "Wu"}]

Relations to other standards



properties can be XML

open topics / things that need to be discussed

Use Cases


After loading a document into a CMIS enabled repository it would be great to have an CMIS application add a number of thumbnails in various sizes into a "thumbnail" structure. Since the thumbnails themselves semanticly should not be treated as an individual document, since this would clutter the namespace the thumbnails should be treated as structured meta-data.

Persisting and Querying XMP

Since many modern file formats (PDF, JPEG, ...) support XMP data upon ingestion the XMP information could (probably should) be extracted by a repository (or any thirdparty CMIS app). This should be done in a fashion that allows for query of the respective information, since of course XMP holds a wide variety of potentially very useful information. more general: how to map RDF from/to CMIS/JCR/WebDAV

[DavidC] If extracting XMP data is all that is needed, would it be easier to invoke a utility outside CMIS for that purpose? Otherwise, what file formats a CMIS-provider is be required to interpret and extract metadata? On the other hand, if XMP metadata remain embedded in a file (as a part of the CMIS abstract data model), how should query work?


Some comments that came up during conf call on Dec-17th-2008 (only few participants):

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