CMIS4DAM Use Cases Later Versions

This page has suggestions for use cases for later versions of the standard.


  1. System-to-System.

    1. Migration from one system to another; moving assets from one to the other.

    2. Publishing metadata from one system to another system; assets are not moved.

  2. Application-to-System.

    1. Asynchronous access. Assets may be accessed asynchronously. In particular, an asset might not exist yet, could be ordered, and the requesting application would be notified (via server push) when the asset is available. The first version of CMIS4DAM only addresses pull notification, but later versions may address server push notification.

    2. Dynamic rendition generation. A rendition may be generated on demand according to a specification. The properties of such a dynamically generated rendition use the technical information of the previous use case above.

    3. Event Notification. One can request (subscribe) to a class of events. This may use a similar mechanism to the one for asynchronous notification, but the two use cases are distinct.

  3. Federated Systems.

    1. Publish. Publish a document to a channel.

    2. Workflow. Integration with, for example, BPMN.

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