The following table is a list of organizations and their software provided to OASIS as part of a STIX support survey. Inclusion on this table does not indicate compliance to STIX 1 or STIX 2 specifications. There has been no independent or OASIS verification of the organization’s claims of STIX support in their products.

The list is informational only.

Organizations that wish to update the information on this page may send their requested update to the CTI mailing list (if they are members of the TC) or to the TC's comment mailing list. For instructions on using the comment mailing list, please see the instructions at

All questions on individual products or tools should be sent to the organization directly.




Attivo Networks, Inc.


BOTsink deception server is designed to detect APTs, HTTPS, zero-day, and stolen credential attacks. Attivo AMR engine captures and analyzes attacker IPs, methods, and actions that can then be viewed in the Attivo Threat Intelligence Dashboard, can be exported in IOC, PCAP, STIX, CSV formats


Carbon Black

Endpoint threat detection and response product that collects endpoint activity in which STIX/TAXII data feeds can be matched up against event activity to find when particular indicators or observables occur

Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

Malware Analysis Appliance

Malware Analysis Appliance can export malware characterization data in STIX format

BrightPoint Security

BrightPoint Sentinel

Automated threat intelligence analysis and collaboration platform that "supports many intelligence feeds and other standards, including STIX, TAXII, CybOX, and the Lockheed Martin Kill Chain framework."

Bromium Inc.

Bromium LAVA

Endpoint security prodcut leveraging hardware virtualization that automatically creates standardized indicator of compromise reports in STIX/MAEC format for collaboration with other security tools

Carbon Black

Carbon Black STIX/TAXII Connector

Carbon Black Enterprise Response and Enterprise Protection - ETDR solutions (Endpoint Threat Detection & Response).

Check Point Software Technology Ltd.

Advanced Threat Prevention

ATP allows users to import indicators into threat prevention technologies, anti-bot, anti-virus, with an interface to upload STIX-formatted messages containing indicators into threat indicator database

Cisco Systems

Threat Intelligence Director for Firepower Management Center

Supports STIX and TAXII

Corvil Limited

Corvil Security Analytics

Corvil Security Analytics provides full network visibility in real-time and retrospect to enable rapid understanding of the bigger picture of covert attack activity; Corvil brings real-time STIX based indicator detection down to the wire, auto-matching against all network flows and decoded network data

Confer Technologies, Inc.


Confer, an advanced threat prevention and incident response solution, can import and export threat data in STIX format using TAXII, allowing customers to operationalize their intelligence across the endpoint


STIX Data Generator

Automatically generates STIX content in order to help people learn more about STIX document structures, as well as test their STIX products



Cyberprobe is a distributed software architecture for monitoring of networks against attack that includes support for STIX and TAXII


Threat Defense Platform

Cyphort's Advanced Threat Protection solution delivers complete 360 APT defense against current and emerging Threats


CyberSponse Security Operations Platform

CSOP, which provides a central hub for an organization's security operations and enables automated efforts, has a built-in TAXII server or can use Soltra Edge to both ingest and send STIX packages

Damballa, Inc.

Damballa Failsafe

Damballa Failsafe analyzes network traffic and automatically detects infected devices after other security controls have failed; security teams receive actionable and prioritized intelligence so they can take immediate action to prevent data theft


Deep-Secure iXGuard

Deep-Secure iXGuard enables secure information exchange by carefully controlling the content that is shared such that it does not present a risk to the system that it is protecting, including STIX content


Bot-Trek Intelligence

SaaS-model product, that delivers tailored threat intelligence to specific customers. Information can be accessed and consumed through GUI or through STIX/TAXII API.

Guidance Software, Inc.

EnCase Endpoint Security

In EnCase Endpoint Security Version 5.12, Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX) definitions can now be imported globally and used as filtering criteria in any investigation. Customers will be able to root out indicators no matter how well they might be hidden from other technologies, reducing the time it takes to detect and respond security to breaches in their network


EclecticIQ Platform

EclecticIQ is an applied cyber intelligence technology provider, enabling enterprise security programs and governments to mature a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practice, and empowering analysts to take back control of their threat reality and to mitigate exposure accordingly.


InTELL Version 3.0

Real-time contextual cyber intelligence


GuardiCore Centra Security Platform

GuardiCore provides real-time detection and response of advanced attacks in the data center. Once GuardiCore detects a breach inside the data center, it provides Indicators of Compromise (IOC) to its Check Point Security Gateways using the STIX API, allowing security administrators to block future attacks in the data center and at the perimeter

Hail a TAXII

Repository of open source cyber threat intelligence feeds in STIX format

HPE Security Threat Central

HPE Security Threat Central

HPE Threat Central enables enterprises to collaborate via a community-sourced security intelligence platform that incorporates dynamic threat analysis scoring to produce relevant, actionable intelligence to combat advanced cyber threats.


IBM QRadar

IBM Security QRadar SIEM consolidates log source event data from thousands of devices endpoints and applications distributed throughout a network. Via the optional Threat Intelligence application, QRadar allows ingestion of threat feeds containing cyber observables, expressed in STIX format via the TAXII protocol. These ingested threat feeds can be monitored for use in real-time correlation rules, as well as used in reports and searches of either log or flow data. QRadar also allows the real-time publishing of newly discovered cyber observables in QRadar, to any TAXII server

Infoblox, Inc.

Infoblox Grid

Infoblox Grid ingests third-party threat intelligence in STIX format using our fully integrated TAXII server. This allows customers to automatically create a blacklist of domains and IP addresses in Infoblox, enabling them to respond to threats faster using their local threat intelligence

Intel Security

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

McAfee ATD finds advanced malware and integrates with McAfee security solutions to freeze the threat, identify vulnerable machines, and initiate fix or remediation actions; When McAfee ATD identifies a malicious file or executable, it funnels CybOX STIX-formatted IoC artifacts to McAfee Enterprise Security Manager to interpret and act on them

Intel Security

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) version 9.5 and above has taken the cyber threat management to a new level by collecting and translating suspicious or confirmed threat information into actionable intelligence for security operations teams. McAfee ESM 9.5 can import a wealth of security threat data including STIX/TAXII feeds; third party URL�s and Indicators of Compromise (IOC�s) reported via McAfee Advanced Threat Defense providing security operations teams with directly readable and usable intelligence for security analytics

Invincea, Inc.

Invincea Advanced Endpoint Protection 5

Uniquely combines containerization technology with advanced endpoint visibility, analysis, and control to provide superior compromise detection and elimination; allows selective publication of threats to trusted communities in standard STIX format

iSIGHT Partners Inc.

iSIGHT Partners ThreatScape API

ThreatScape API extends iSIGHT Partners cyber threat intelligence products and associated technical indicators to easily match indicators to rich intelligence context, ingest indicator data associated with intelligence reporting, and collect and consume intelligence reports including those in STIX format

Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc.

Jigsaw IOC Service

We offer feeds in STIX and TAXII as well as many other common formats. We offer a complete big data solution for importing and exporting STIX and TAXII data. We integrate with all products that support the standards

Jigsaw Security Enterprise Inc.

Jigsaw Security Enterprise MISP

We provide feeds in STIX and TAXII format for use in our intelligence products to include our MISP host intrusion detection client, our IDS appliances, as well as our Threat Intelligence Platforms

LogRhythm, Inc.

LogRhythm Threat Intelligence Service

LogRhythm seamlessly incorporates threat intelligence from STIX/TAXII-compliant providers, commercial and open source feeds, and internal honeypots, all via an integrated threat intelligence ecosystem. The platform uses this data to reduce false-positives, detect hidden threats, and help prioritize alarms

Lockheed Martin


Palisade supports comprehensive threat data collection, analysis, collaboration, and expertise in a single platform. Palisade supports the exchange of intelligence via STIX and CSV for import and export of indicators and observables



CATSS is a revolutionary CTI platform that consumes and produces CTI in STIX. CATSS also provides data aggregation, advanced analytic processing, predictive analysis and automated machine to machine alerts.



The Scout Threat Intelligence Platforms automatically integrate threat data from nearly 100 unique feeds and global Internet Intelligence. Customers use ScoutVision and ScoutPrime to identify, analyze and mitigate threats to their network while also providing situational awareness regarding the risks posed by their vendors’ and partners’ networks. Both platforms accomplish this by displaying the ownership, interactions, and changes to the public Internet and their relationships with known threat data and allows users to share threat data using STIX-based indicators.

Malcovery Security

Protect Your Network

Machine-readable threat intelligence (MRTI) delivers human-confirmed indicators of current malware infrastructure in near-real time via our API in STIX and other formats for your automated consumption by your SIEM, proxy, firewall, etc.

Microsoft Corporation


Security and threat information exchange platform

Model Driven Solutions

Threat and risk analytics gateway

We support government and commercial clients enabling a model based approach to aggregating, analyzing and translating information. We also help organizations develop and implement standards.


Soltra Edge

Soltra Edge is a platform for sharing and automating CTI within your organization and the outside world. As your central repository for CTI, Soltra Edge aggregates data from internal and external sources and normalizes it in STIX format.


MIssion Center

NC4 Mission Center is a human collaboration platform specifically designed to discover and create new threat intelligence and unify cyber security teams.

Netskope, Inc.

Netskope Active Threat Protection

Netskope Active Threat Protection, which combines threat intelligence, static and dynamic analysis, and machine-learning based anomaly detection to enable real-time detection, prioritized analysis, and remediation of threats, communicates using STIX/TAXII or OpenIOC standards to exchange threat context and detection information

New Context



PRODAFT's G-PACT Threat Sharing enables real-time sharing of threat details among public and private organizations in an inter-industrial and intra-industrial structure inside a standardized (Human Readable + STIX) format

Qihoo 360

RedSocks B.V.

RedSocks Malware Threat Defender

RedSocks Malware Threat Defender is a network appliance that analyses digital traffic flows in real-time based on algorithms and lists of malicious indicators; it includes the ability to import malware intelligence that is structured according to the STIX and TAXII format


TitaniumCore Version 2.6

Threat detection and automated static analysis platform

RSA Security


RSA ECAT is a continuous endpoint solution providing contextual visibility beyond a single alert to provide incident responders and security analysts a full attack investigation platform to detect and respond in real-time against advanced attacks -- known and unknown, as well as malware and non-malware based threats. RSA ECAT uses behavior analytics to help security analysts determine if a file is malicious. It also provides the ability to check the legitimacy of file certificates and hashes, and to check for known threats by incorporating YARA rules, importing STIX formatted data, leveraging multiple AV engines through OPSWAT Metascan, and other methods.


Digital forensics platform and graphical interface to The Sleuth Kit that includes an �Indicators of Compromise - Scan a computer using STIX� module


Targeted Threat Intelligence Service

Targeted Threat Intelligence Service

Splunk, Inc.

Splunk App for Enterprise Security

Next-generation security intelligence platform that includes integration with STIX/TAXII and OpenIOC to allow access to threat intelligence using emerging industry specifications

Splunk, Inc.

SPLICE Version 1.3.1

Correlates Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) from SPLUNK data



we ingest and export data in stix

TianJi Partners Info Tech Co., LTD.

Alice CTI Sharing & APT Identifying Platform

Chinese-developed CTI sharing platform, integrating the feeds from over 10 security companies and two individual CTI communities locally, to provide CTI exchanging and ATP identifying services; STIX format and TAXII protocol are the basic instruments for Alice platform users interconnecting

Tanium, Inc.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security detection and remediation

Tripwire, Inc.

Adaptive Threat Protection Solution

Integrates peer and community threat feeds, leveraging STIX and TAXII standards, and other commercial threat intelligence services

ThreatConnect, Inc.


Available both on-premises and in the cloud, ThreatConnect is a threat intelligence platform that allows you to aggregate, analyze, and act on threat intelligence data, including STIX documents via TAXII

ThreatQuotient, Inc.


On-premise threat intelligence platform (TIP) that automates, structures, and manages intelligence in a central analytical repository


ThreatStream OPTIC

Threat Intelligence Management platform with full support for STIX and TAXII from both an import and export capacity



Open source application designed to streamline the creation, compiling, and publishing of STIX datasets

Tripwire, Inc.

Tripwire Enterprise 8.4

Incorporates automated feed of Indicators of Compromise (IoC) from TAXII servers, which receive IoC from industry-specific Information Sharing and Analysis Centers and other providers of open source threat intelligence; Also integrates feeds from tailored commercial threat intelligence services

VeriSign, Inc.


iDefense threat intelligence will support STIX 2.0/TAXII in Q2 2016

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