Welcome to the TAXII Subcommittee (SC) page!

This page is currently a little light on details, but we will add more as time goes on.



The TAXII SC Kickoff meeting will be held on 7/29. Regular TAXII SC meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of every month (e.g., 8/11/2015, 9/8/2015). Meeting invites will be sent out to the TAXII SC mailing list.

Mailing List

The TAXII SC Mailing list is: cti-taxii@lists.oasis-open.org . You are not able to post to the list until you join the SC as a member.


Currently Github issue trackers and a Github wiki are being used to facilitate discussions around current and future iterations of TAXII standards. In the future these may be migrated to OASIS provided facilities (this wiki and/or JIRA), but for now please use these links for discussion:


Please feel free to email either chair with anything TAXII related. We encourage you to post to the TAXII SC mailing list if possible, but we realize that's not always the case.

Meeting Notes

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