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The OASIS DITA TC uses this Wiki for agendas for the weekly call, collaborative design work, and project tracking.


See Agenda backlog for a back log of items for discussion at DITA TC meetings. The DITA TC leadership uses items from this list, as well as posts from the TC mailing list and the dita-comment list to construct the weekly agenda. The agenda is usually completed in the hour prior to the TC meeting.

28 August 2018 (in progress)

Screen sharing

11 AM ET open

  1. Roll call

    • Regrets:
  2. Approve minutes from previous business meeting:

    • 21 August 2018:
      • X (Harrison, X)
  3. Announcements:

    • New TC members: None
  4. Action items

    • 31 July 2018:
      • Kris: Communicate with Joe Pairman about metadata attribute proposal for DITA 2.0
    • 14 August 2018:
      • Robert: Provide command-line equivalents for SourceTree actions in education session slide deck

    • 21 August 2018
      • Eliot: Get slide deck from GitHub education session to Kris (COMPLETED)

      • Kris: Deliver PDFs of GitHub education session slide decks to Tom (COMPLETED)

      • Tom: Contact OASIS about using the OASIS YouTube channel for the recording of the GitHub education session (COMPLETED)

      • Tom: Temporarily post slide decks and recording of GitHub education session on Dropbox

      • Kris: Compile list of all TC members who were interested in accessing the recording; send to Tom (COMPLETED)
      • Kris: Schedule next GitHub education session (IN PROGRESS)

      • Bob: Get PDF output from DITA-2.0 branch from the DITA for Tech Comm repo
      • Tom: Consider being Head Wrangler for the multimedia committee note
      • Kris & Robert: Perform the best edit of multimedia topics that they can do in time available; due 04 September

      • Kris & Robert: Create new method for tracking DITA 2.0 proposal dates (COMPLETED))

  5. Subcommittee reports

    • Report from L&T subcommittee

  6. Spec editing needs

    • GitHub and GitHub tools education

    • Report back from session on X
    • Storage of recording and slides: X
    • Next steps?
  7. DITA for Technical Communication

    • Spec editing work items:
      • GitHub house-keeping

        • Master branch should contain DITA 1.3 technical content (as released for Errata 02)
        • Consensus on what branch should be used for development work
      • Divide up element-reference topics; assign to individuals
      • Restructure element reference topics using new DITA 2.0 format
      • Ensure that DITA map for spec in working branch matches PDF that small group considered
      • Incorporate new example for glossentry from Scott Hudson
    • Proposals:
      • Enable steps to nest (Anderson, stage 3)
      • Bookmap enhancements (Sirois, stage 2)
      • New diagnostic elements for troubleshooting topic
  8. Committee note about multimedia domain for DITA 1.3

    • OASIS template requested and received in 2017; basic maps and topics set up
    • GitHub repo opened; DITA source uploaded

    • Action items:
      • Convene working group call; interested parties are Carlos, Keith, Chris Nitchie, Kris Eberlein
      • Get DTDs that Chris Nitchie produced in 2017 into the GitHub repo (currently in SVN)

      • Determine outline of what content the committee note will contain
      • Editorial: Kris and Robert need to edit the topics that were part of the stage three proposal
  9. Review status of DITA 2.0 proposals in progress

  10. Breaking 'Technical Content' specializations into two groups

  11. DITA 2.0 stage three proposals

    • Vote
      • None
    • Initial discussion
      • None
  12. DITA 2.0 stage two proposals

    • Vote
      • None
    • Continuing discussion
      • None
    • Initial discussion
      • None
  13. DITA 2.0 stage one proposals

    • Continuing discussion
      • None
    • Initial discussion

      • None

12 noon ET close

Previous agendas

See Summary page for previous agendas

These sections contain links to key DITA TC Wiki pages, subcommittees, OASIS announcements, and the versions of the DITA specification.

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DITA Adoption TC

The DITA Adoption TC and the DITA TC are separate OASIS technical committees. They focus on different aspects of DITA, although their work is complementary and is coordinated at a high level through overlapping membership. The DITA Adoption TC is focused on educational and outreach activities to increase the awareness and usefulness of DITA. The DITA TC is focused on developing the DITA standard.

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