User-friendly descriptions of DITA 1.2 features

[Kristen Eberlein, 10/20/2008] Here is a link to the page on the DITA TC Wiki that I have been developing: Since I do not know whether people who are not members of the DITA TC can access the link, I am going to paste the current contents here:

DITA 1.2 Roadmap

This list provides a high-level overview of what the DITA Technical Committee is working to deliver with DITA 1.2.

Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful:

As of 28 November 2008, the following list contains entries for all of the items listed as "Major" or "Subcomittee work."It does not contain any of the items categorized by the DITA Technical Committee as "Minor" or "Uncategorized."

Architectural changes

Improvements to linking

Improvements to reuse

Improvements to map composition

Improvements to image handling

Improvements to specialization

New specializations

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