Using DITA in a TechPubs Department

Use Case #1 - Creating a Simple User Guide

Use Case #2 - Reusing Content Across Releases/Versions/Products

Use Case #3 - Creating Online Help and User Guides From the Same Source

Use Case #4 - Creating Context Sensitive Help

Use Case #5 - Creating a Command Reference

Use Case #6 - Creating an API Reference

Use Case #7 - Creating a White Paper from a User Guide

Use Case #8 - Creating a Data Sheet and a Product Brochure From the Same Source

Use Case #9 - Reusing Information Across a Data Sheet and a User Guide

Use Case #10 -Managing the cost of translation by reusing translated content

Use Case #11 -Supporting the reuse of approved content throughout the enterprise

Use Case #12 -Promoting sound technical writing practices with topic-based authoring supported by content semantics

Use Case #13 -Reducing editing and review time and costs through content reuse

Use Case #14 -Ensuring that legal, regulatory, and safety statements are always accurate and up to date

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