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Planned webinars for Fall 2012 -- Focus on DITA and Translation

First webinar—DITA and Translation: Process changes and cost savings

Many companies with all types of technologies have migrated their technical communication development to the OASIS DITA standard. Some are even in their fourth, fifth, or sixth year of their DITA implementations. In this webinar, managers of major DITA implementations explain what they have done to reduce translation costs, what they have learned, and what they are achieving in translation quality, time to market, and translation costs.

Proposed speakers: Vikram Nanwani (confirmed), Xylem (heavy-equipment manufacturing); Tim Young, Cisco (telecommunications software and hardware); Kevin O'Reilly, Varian (medical devices)

Second webinar—Using XLIFF as the Backbone of a DITA Translation Process

As the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) becomes the de facto XML standard for technical publications, more and more organizations are struggling with the changes DITA brings to their translation processes. A DITA translation, with its hundreds and even thousands of files, requires a significant change in the way files are managed and previous translations are leveraged. Without proper adjustments to the translation process, groups risk squandering gains in both translation cost and quality. This presentation will show XLIFF’s capabilities as a full framework for building a translation process and offer suggestions and best practices for both specifying and implementing the new process.

Topics will include: • Converting DITA content to XLIFF • Pre-translating and packaging DITA content for delivery to translation • Collaborating with the LSPs • Receiving XLIFF content from translation and converting to DITA • Importing and publishing translations coming out of the XLIFF process

Proposed speakers: Frank Miller (confirmed), Comtech (DITA Adoption committee member); Rodolfo Raya(confirmed), MaxPrograms (XLIFF committee member)

Third webinar— Calculating the potential cost savings and quality management of DITA and Translation

Significant cost savings and quality management can be realized by a move to DITA for translation of content. Proposed speakers: Marc Miller (confirmed), Crimson Languages; Matt Arney, CSoft; someone from Freescale? (need the name)

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