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A. Capabilities of DITA (JoAnn Hackos)

B. Setting up DITA (Keith Schengili-Roberts)

C. Working with DITA (Stan Doherty)

I wonder whether developing and maintaining original tutorial content makes sense, given the number of available books, YouTube videos, slide stacks, and whitepapers. Anyway ...

D. The DITA Open Toolkit (Keith Schengili-Roberts)

E. DITA Community (Keith Schengili-Roberts)

F. The Business Case for DITA (Keith Schengili-Roberts)

Essentially all but the first article are disposal/out-of-date. The focus of most of the questions just seems just seems odd 7 years after these were all written. Many of the articles are too brief or too much off topic to be directly useful attempting to use them today. Suggest a re-write of the main article and dispose of the rest.

Note: several articles link to ditausers.org which is effectively dead

G. The DITA Maturity Model (M. Priestly/A. Swope)

Comment (Amber): Michael and I mentioned this the last time we saw each other, but I don’t know that we made a decision about it. The information is still valid, but there may be additional information that we could provide to augment or illustrate each of the levels.

H. DITA Specializations Development (Bob Thomas)

These articles are quite dated. The first two titles remain relevant; unfortunately, their content does not.

I. DITA Standards Development (Keith Schengili-Roberts)

New Content (Authored or Referenced)

Jacquie Samuels suggested that we consider some of the following articles:



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