DITA Adoption Focus Area SC Charter (Draft)


The dita.xml.org website has long been a key destination for those seeking information about the OASIS DITA standard. The existing website (as of January 2016) is based on web technology that has been superseded, and a recent audit of its content has revealed many of its articles and information to be out-of-date. The OASIS DITA Adoption Committee has accepted the recent offer of a third-party vendor who has agreed to revamp dita.xml.org as a live DITA-based website and to handle and host its operation.

This sub-committee will coordinate and expedite the initial roll-out of the revamped dita.xml.org website. It will provide a scaffold for the organization of content and its ongoing curation. Once the website is re-launched, the members of this sub-committee will handle website administration and promote active participation in the website by the general DITA community.

Scope of Work

  1. Define the taxonomic structure of the content to best facilitate faceted search
  2. Determine an optimal navigational structure based on UX principles
  3. Design policies for curating content on the website
  4. Define criteria for types of content along with specific articles worth migrating from the old website to the new website
  5. Determine a permissions-level hierarchy and the functions/features available to people at various levels
  6. Use social media to encourage participation and build an involved and reinvigorated community for dita.xml.org
  7. Provide day-to-day administration of the revamped dita.xml.org website

Subcommittee Benefits

The subcommittee seeks to establish a revamped dita.xml.org website that fully utilizes the features of the new web platform while ensuring that content can easily be found and is useful to its target audience.

Parent Committee

The DITA Adoption Focus Area SC is a subcommittee of the DITA Adoption Committee, a group whose mandate is to promote the DITA standard and DITA best practices.


Progress on the dita.xml.org website by members of the DITA Adoption Focus Area SC will be regularly reported to the DITA Adoption Committee. The SC will provide draft proposals relating to the scope of work for the parent committee to review and approve.

Technical Work Produced by the Committee

This Subcommittee has not produced technical work yet.

Expository Work Produced by the Committee

There are no approved expository work products for this SC yet.

External Resources

Non-email based content will be archived to Kavi.

Mailing Lists and Comments

DITA-adoption-fasc: public mail list for members of the SC. Meeting minutes can be found here.


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