= Back log of agenda items =

  1. New DITA.xml.org site

  2. DITA 2.0: Review of stage one (in progress) cards

  3. Report from small groups:
    • Errata workflow and process
      • Kris, Robert, Dawn, Dick
      • Met March 23
      • Action item for Kris: Rebuild keys for errata publication per original DITA 1.3 design, modified to accommodate new requirements added by OASIS errata metadata (COMPLETED)
  4. Continuing item from the backlog: Discussion re TAB comments on CSPRD 01

  5. Continuing item: Listening sessions

    • Research Triangle Park, NC
    • Austin, TX
  6. Continuing item: Work on committee notes

    • Update to "Why Three Editions" (on hold to align with release of errata 01)
    • "Upgrading to a new version of DITA" (on hold indefinitely)
    • "DITA and the DITA Open Toolkit"
    • "Lightweight DITA: An introduction"
  7. Continuing item: Tightening loose content models to facilitate authoring

  8. Proactive planning for DITA intersection with HTML6

  9. New item: Review charter

    • we have not looked this over since 2008
  10. Continuing item: DITA 2.0 discussion

  11. New item: related links from archSpec to langRef (and vice versa)

  12. Continued item: Interaction between multiple subjectSchemes in a root map

  13. New item: Confusion in enumerationdef topic

  14. Continued item: dita-comment

  15. Continuing item: How should the spec handle statements about rendering expectations?

  16. Continuing item: TAB comments about normative and non-normative wording

  17. Continuing item: Need for work on conformance statement for future versions of the spec

  18. Continuing item: Discussion re TAB comments on CSPRD 01

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