This Wiki page is designed to collect comments on the second review of the DITA 1.2 specification, 21 September - 3 October 2009. This review is being conducted by members of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee.


  1. Conformance

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Important: Reviewers, be sure to preface comments with your name and the date, for example, [Eberlein, 18 September 2009]


[JeffO, 02 October 2009] The section on "Conformance by feature groups" includes the statement "For more detailed conformance information see the feature descriptions contained in the DITA specifications or the summary table in Appendix ?". It does not seem likely that we will be able to produce this more detailed information as part of the DITA 1.2 specification. If that is the case, then this statement needs to be removed and the rest of the conformance statement reread with the absence of this information in mind.

[JeffO, 02 October 2009] Just before the section on "Processors and processor type categories" is the statement: "If a particular conformance category is not specified for a feature and the appropriate category cannot be determined from the information available in the DITA specifications the feature must be considered required and invariant." But very few conformance categories are specified for particular features and it is difficult to determine the category, so if this statement is left as is most of the DITA specification will become "required and invariant". I'm sure that that isn't what we want. .. [JeffO, 02 October 2009] Are the terms defined in the section on "Processors and processor type categories" actually used within the DITA spec? If not, we should omit this section. If they are used only occasionally or only within a single section of the specification, we should consider moving the definition(s) into the sections where they are used.

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