Members of the DITA Technical Committee using DITA 1.2

Are you using or do you intend to use DITA 1.2? You don't need to be using everything; even a single feature counts. OASIS wants to collect statements of people's use -- or intention to use -- the DITA 1.2 specification. A summary of the DITA 1.2 features is maintained by the DITA Adoption TC.

Members of the DITA Adoption Technical Committee using DITA 1.2


Feature or features

Date of planned implementation



DITA 1.2

June 2009

Release 5.4 of the Arbortext Editor includes a preliminary draft of the DITA 1.2 DTDs, XSDs, and related files and has been upgraded to support most, but not all, changes and new features in the DITA 1.2 specification. This support includes editing, output processing, and CMS support. PTC plans to upgrade to the official/final DTDs, XSDs, and related files when they become available. Additional DITA 1.2 features will be implemented in future releases. DITA 1.2 is also being used internally within PTC for the development and distribution of the documentation for our next product releases.

Really Strategies, Inc.

- Learning and Training specializations
- Key reference facility
- Classification specialization
- Machine-industry specializations (e.g., new task topic type, new hazard domain
- Delayed resolution processing


Really Strategies uses DITA for its product documentation and also provides DITA-related services to our clients. The RSuiteCMS product provides DITA-specific content management features, including support for keys and key references.
Related list emails:
Eliot Kimber, Really Strategies (general)
Eliot Kimber, Really Strategies (L &T)


Learning and Training specialization


Reference email:
Troy Klukewich, Oracle (L & T)

Flatirons Solutions

Learning and Training specialization


Reference email:
Scott Hudson, Flatirons (L & T)

edCetra Training

Learning and Training specialization


Reference email:
Reuben Tozman, edCetra Training (L & T)


Learning and Training specialization


Reference email:
John Hunt, IBM (L & T)

Freescale Semiconductor

keyref, conactions (primarily pushreplace)


Several usecases for passing parameters from a configuration file to reusable semiconductor IP block require these new indirection features. The best practices for the SIDSC component specialization processing will be based on 1.2 functionality.

Comtech Services, Inc.

DITA 1.2; keyref; conkeyref; new body elements; learning and training specification; safety hazard

March 2010

We find the 1.2 features extremely valuable additions to solve the content-development challenges of our clients around the world.

Quark, Inc.

DITA 1.2


Quark's uses DITA to create product documentation for its desktop publishing, XML authoring and enterprise solutions. Both our internal content strategies and our family of products are being updated to take advantage of and support DITA 1.2

VR Communications, Inc.

keys, keyref, conref push


We plan on adding some DITA 1.2 examples to our DITA documentation on

G. Emerson Consulting, Inc.

DITA 1.2; keyref; conkeyref; learning specializations

March 2010

DITA 1.2 has features that greatly increase the options available to our clients

XML Press

DITA 1.2


We have three (and possibly more) books under development that will be authored in DITA 1.2

Verivue Inc.

DITA 1.2


We have been using the following DITA 1.2 features in a production content development environment since November of 2009:
- <coderef>s to stand-alone text files
- <mapref>s to all our production DITA maps
- <keydef>s and <keyref>s for map-specific content
- <conref> push of writer-generated content into
system-generated programming reference topics
- <glossEntry> updates
Stan Doherty (DITA TC, DITA Help SC)

JustSystems Canada, Inc.

DITA 1.2

Spring 2010

JustSystems uses DITA for creating product documentation, development specifications, some marketing materials, and other business documents. A DITA 1.2 Configuration Kit is available as an upgrade to XMetaL Author Enterprise 6.0 to facilitate authoring and editing with DITA 1.2.


DITA 1.2

Fall 2010

Trisoft 2011 supports many DITA 1.2 features.

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