***review whole spec with should/may etc terminology in mind

***core spec vs specializations: if a tool supports core only, is it 1.2 compliant? should we expect tools to support eg both semiconductor and machine industry specializations at the same time? or should they have packages that support specific subsets of specializations, even though they're all part of 1.2?

Architectural spec

1.0 About the DITA 1.1 Specification

***Add explanation of new factoring of spec based on specializations - link to all

2.0 An introduction to DITA

3.0 DITA markup

4.0 DITA processing ***clarify required behaviors vs default behaviors; maybe call this "behaviors", create separate processing spec that includes definition of precedence, etc.?

5.0 DITA specialization ***consider making task-oriented rather than content v design v processing? eg create a specialization, add processing support, generalize... need to provide examples as well; maybe provide common pitfalls/mistakes?

Other specification documents, with some impact notes:

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