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Agenda for June 14, 2007 Working meeting of the DITA learning and training content specialization SC

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  1. Roll call
  2. Status and updates
  3. Assessment interactions - Reuben Tozman to present about interactions schema in use at edCetra
  4. What's next?
    • Resolve status of the assessment interactions.
    • Resolve plan for metadata and mapping to IEEE LOM.
    • Start identifying processing issues and requirements.
    • Resolve design of Learning Planning type.
    • Discussion about nested topics and Learning Content type.
    • We need samples, samples, and more samples.
    • Who's got the samples?
  5. Check against design plan targets
    • May, 2007: Review and finalize designs and DTD modules, develop XML Schema modules, use DITA OT to build HTML and PDF outputs, and complete first draft of specification for topic types. Report results to SC at June 7, 2007 meeting.
    • May, 2007: Develop DTD and XML Schema specialization modules for the learning map type; develop one or more sample maps, and use DITA OT to build to HTML with sample topics developed in Phase 2. Report back to the SC at the June 7, 2007 meeting.
    • June, 2007: Review, revise, and complete second draft of specification for topic types. Report back to SC at July 5, 2007 meeting.
    • June, 2007: Complete a first draft and review the specification for a learning map type. Report back to the SC at the July 5, 2007 meeting.
  6. Close and adjourn.

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