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Agenda for 30 April 2018

1 PM ET open

  1. Roll call. Regrets:

  2. Approve minutes from previous meeting See:

  3. Action items

    1. Investigate keys in MDITA. (Carlos). Solved: Bracketed text should be escaped. See:

  4. Report from DITA NA

    1. Sarah O'Keefe's presentation
    2. Keith's talk
    3. Stan and Scott's sessions
    4. Carlos's blah blah fest
    5. Hot or not double session
    6. Input from George Bina regarding MDITA core profile
    7. Others?
  5. Revisit template specialization idea

    1. Tim's draft has been abandoned :-(

    2. Review Erik Hennum's proposal. See:

    3. See:

    4. Is Erik still around? Post IBM?
  6. Outreach project: find someone who works for GitHub Documentation

2 PM ET close

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