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Agenda for 13 November 2017

1 PM ET open

  1. Roll call. Regrets:

  2. Approve minutes from previous meeting See:

  3. Adventures in Committee Note preparation and TC vote (Carlos, Alan)

  4. Next steps and schedule for CN public review (Kris)

  5. Report from European conferences (Keith, Alan, Robert)

  6. Continue discussion of strategic outreach for public review See: Potential Reviewers

  7. Spec plan and schedule

    1. Should spec work/draft live in GitHub repo or be private?

    2. Discuss outline and sections. See:

    3. Select volunteers for spec authoring (Carlos is happy to lead because spec is related to his book project)
    4. Spec audiences (aka making Jarno happy)
    5. Domain for examples? Remote Light Kit? Bats and guano?
    6. Spec schedule.

2 PM ET close

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