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Agenda for 18 September 2017 (We've missed you! It's been almost a month!)

1 PM ET open

  1. Roll call. Regrets:

  2. Action items

    • Read Committee Note Working Draft #19 and bring feedback (all SC members)
    • Create topic about LwDITA specialization in committee note (Evia) done

    • Improve section about XDITA/HDITA compatibility (Evia) done

    • Revisit <dlentry> mapping in HDITA (Anderson)

    • Review multimedia elements poorly coded by Evia in DTDs (Anderson)
  3. Report from Michael P and Rob H's webinar (Michael)

  4. Forthcoming title from Routledge/Taylor & Francis (Carlos)

  5. Discuss proposed Committee Note schedule for TC

  6. How to address/respond to companies interested in LwDITA?

  7. Jarno's observation about value of @format in maps for MDITA and HDITA topics

2 PM ET close

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