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Development Strategy/Approach

The committee will apply an agile software development approach on a pilot information type. The selected information type for the agile pilot is "Register Data." After the pilot information type, we will revisit the development approach for the remaining information types.

Deliverables Strategy

Phase-related Deliverables

Different information types will require different deliverables. Suggested deliverables are provided in the corresponding phase description (see following sections).

Committee (Standalone) Deliverables

In addition to the phase-related deliverables, the committee may decide to release recommendations, such as:

Phased Approach

Per the Charter, this committee will use a phased approach that will enable the participants to finalize and begin using specialization (or other deliverable) associated with information types.

Pre-phase Planning



Phase 1: Analysis


For each information type (may do concurrent projects),


Phase 2: Specialization Creation



Phase 3: Data Flow and Transform Considerations


For each information type, propose method of


Phase 4: DITA-OT Integration



List of Information Types

Ranked list:

  1. Register data (chosen as pilot during 8 Aug 2007 teleconference); see RegisterElements and RegisterSpecialization workspaces

  2. Features (started during "live specialization demo" on 21 May 2008 teleconference and selected for work on 4 Jun 2008 teleconference) see FeaturesElements workspace

  3. Signals data (chosen for work during 12 Dec 2007 teleconference); see SignalElements workspace

Un-ranked other information types: (Will be ranked after the pilot information type.)

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