This Wiki page is designed to collect comments on the second review of the DITA 1.2 specification, 21 September - 3 October 2009. This review is being conducted by members of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee.

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Important: Reviewers, be sure to preface comments with your name and the date, for example, [Eberlein, 18 September 2009]

Technical Content: Information Types

[JTH, 29 November 2009] Incorporated JOgden's suggestions for restructuring this topic. Added the bulleted list that mentions the distinctions between document and information types. However, I don't really see the point of this and think it is even more confusing, especially when we now mention that task is the name for both the strict task document and the general task information type. I don't understand this and doubt that anyone else will. What do we mean by specialized topic tag? I've never had of that before.

Still contains several references to the various versions of DITA to try to clarify what we're talking about. I don't think we've succeeded.

The concept etc. topics were never subordinate headings to machinery task. Don't know where that comments comes from.

[Hamilton, 13 November 2009]

[JTH, 25 October 2009] Fixed the capitalization, merged the shortdescrip, removed the 1.2/1.1 sentence. Did not remove the high-level topics. Seemed to be a good idea, considering how confusing this has become to keep a summary page.

[Eberlein, 1 October 2009] Use sentence-style capitalization for titles

[Eberlein, 1 October 2009]

Concept topic

[JTH, 25 October 2009] Did some tightening. Incorporated JOgden's suggestions.

[Eberlein, 1 October 2009] The <shortdesc>, first paragraph, and the info about concept in the parent topic all seem to cover very similar material. Could this be tightened up?

Task topic

[JTH, 29 November 2009] Changed to strict. Incorporated JOgden's suggestions.

[Hamilton, 13 November 2009]

[JTH, 25 October 2009} Fixed the example

[Eberlein, 1 October 2009]

Reference topic

[JTH, 29 November 2009] Completed edits. Incorporated JOgden's suggestions.

[Hamilton, 13 November 2009] Typos:

[JTH, 7 November 2009] All changes made

[Eberlein, 2 October 2009] Regarding the section title of "Reference body primary subdivisions," can you recast this so that it is not a noun string? This comment probably applies to all of the children of "Technical content: Information types."

[Eberlein, 2 October 2009] In the second example, change the content of the <shortdesc> element. It should either read "The tables provide" or "The table provides" -- not "The tables provides ..."

Machinery Task

[JTH, 29 November 2009] Incorporated edits and JOgden's comments. This topic was originally written by the machinery Subcommittee. They decided not to include an example here.

[Hamilton, 13 November 2009]

[JTH and CK, 8 November 2009] all changes noted below are complete.

[Eberlein, 2 October 2009] Use sentence-style capitalization for topic and section titles.

[Eberlein, 2 October 2009] I'd like more information at the beginning about just how the machinery task is different from the standard task. You say "the machinery task type contains more descriptive elements in the prelreqs section"; I'd like to know what goes in <prelreq> ... I know from reading the later text that it is information about required personnel, parts, supplies, etc. And do we want to mention ANSI?

[Eberlein, 2 October 2009] Change "machinery task information type" to "machinery-task information type"

[Eberlein, 2 October 2009] Change "Similarly to in a standard DITA task" to "Similar to a standard DITA task"

[Eberlein, 2 October 2009] Example is missing (listed as "tbd")

General task topic

[JTH, 29 November 2009] Revised this topic with suggestions from JOgden. Added a comparative table of elements -- which needs to be checked against the general task. Not sure whether any number of example, result, and post-req are possible.

[Hamilton, 13 November 2009]

[Eberlein, 2 October 2009] Change "generic task information type" to "generic-task information type"

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