This Wiki page is designed to collect comments on the second review of the DITA 1.2 specification, 21 September - 3 October 2009. This review is being conducted by members of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee.

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Important: Reviewers, be sure to preface comments with your name and the date, for example, [Eberlein, 18 September 2009]

[Eberlein, 8 December 2009] All review comments have been addressed.

DITA maps

Definition of DITA maps


Paul [2009-09-22]: The "written out" name of ISO is "International Organization for Standardization", not "International Standards Organization" (ISO is not an acronym).

[Eberlein, 22 September 2009] Nice catch. And there are some other problems ... The URL cited for ISO topic maps is for www.topicmaps.Org, "an independent consortium of parties interested in developing the applicability of the Topic Maps Paradigm to the World Wide Web, by leveraging the XML family of specifications as required," not ISO. The DITA 1.0 spec referred simply to DITA maps "support the definition of non-hierarchical relationships, such as matrices and groups, which provide a set of capabilities that has some similarities to RDF and ISO topic maps"; the URLs and spelling out of the abbreviations came with the DITA 1.1 spec. I think we probably want to remove the URLs; I am going to do some research.

[Eberlein, 22 2009] I could not find any stable URLs; I am returning the wording to that present in the 1.0 specification.


Paul [2009-09-22]: On this page, there is an uppercase SHOULD.

[Eberlein, 8 December 2009] Changed to <term>should</term>


[WEK, 22 Sept 2009] c/to reference/to refer to/ (reference is not a verb)

[Eberlein, 23 September 2009] According to The New Shorter Oxford, reference can be used as transitive verb. Also, lists "to reference" as a synonym for "to refer to."


[WEK, 22 Sept 2009] c/non-DITA files/non-DITA resources/ (URIs address resources, not files)

[Eberlein, 23 September 2009] Done

Purpose of DITA maps

DITA map elements

DITA map attributes


Paul [2009-09-22]: In processing-role="resource-only":

(missing word)

[Eberlein, 22 September 2009] Changed to read "The topic should be used only as a resource for processing."

Metadata in maps and topics


[Hamilton, 03 October 2009] Under DITA map: Metadata elements ==> Note: spurious closing bracket > after "element" in second sentence.

[Eberlein, 8 December 2009] Done. Many thanks for catching this; I had to work to find it :)

Cascading of attributes and metadata in a DITA map

Metadata inheritance between maps and topics


[Eberlein, 22 September 2009] The title of this topic needs to be changed, perhaps "Metadata cascading between maps and topics"?

Paul [2009-09-22]: I was about to say the same as Kris above.

[Eberlein, 22 September 2009] The actual title of the topic is "Topicmeta elements"; "Metadata inheritance between between maps and topics" came from a legacy @navtitle attribute. I am going to have to re-read this topic and the preceding one, then consider titles for each.

[Eberlein, 8 December 2009] Removed the @navtitle attribute, left the title of the topic as "Topicmeta elements".

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