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- Waiting for more remarks. Currently both sign and verify operation are dealt. - Should the visible signature profile add visual indications for the status of the signature verification? (i.e. V, X, ?). This may contradict existing product such as Adobe Reader.

Other Profiles:

- Combination with other profile, such as "Advanced Signature" Profile. It is very possible that the client would

- The relationship with the "Signed Verification Report" profile was discussed. The verification report may return


- Should we add the signature reason to the code. This issue came up in the signed verification report profile as

- Should we add a document field identification to the code as well?

Draft Document

* WD02

* (ETSI/ESI) on Advanced Electronic Signatures for PDF, call for experts

Detlef: JC/MS: The two projects are complementary.

Detlef: MS: ETSI is focussing on formats, DSS-X not.

Marc Straat: This STF activity will be articulated into the following phases: Phase 1 Specify an ETSI profile for a basic variant of advanced electronic signatures in PDF using the existing features of PDF signatures. Detail requirements for full features to be specified in the next phase.

Detlef: MS/JC: ETSI-Terms of reference will be distributed within DSS-X.

Marc Straat: Phase 2 Specify profiles for advanced electronic signatures in PDF incorporating the features of CAdES and XAdES Identify any changes necessary to TS 101 733 and / or TS 101 903 and produce change request documents for detailing the specific changes recommended. Specify enhancements required to ISO 32000 to incorporate these features in ISO 32000-2. Detail requirements of PDF signature support for the next phase.

Phase 3 Specify enhancement to ISO 32000 for PDF conforming reader support of advanced electronic signatures including visible signatures and interfaces to signature support functions. Continue liaison on ISO 32000 support for advanced electronic signatures.

Examples of Various Solutions

* Official Signature in Austria


* Contribution by ARX

* Contribution for Visual Signatures by the Austrian Federal Chancellery

Emails on this topic (incomplete, unconsolidate ...)

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