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  1. Scenarios under consideration
    • 1 - 3 of these scenarios may be chosen - to indicate your preference, add your name to the corresponding list(s). If you wish to add other scenarios for consideration, add them at the end of this list.
    • Scenario 1: A shipping tanker in Lake Ontario runs aground on an island and creates a large diesel fuel spill. Several environmentally sensitive areas on both sides of the US/Canada boarder are at risk of contamination. Notification must be sent to Environmental Protection Agencies, Public Health Ministries, and the appropriate environmental first responders. Residents in the effected area (polygon) are notified not to consume the drinking water for a 48 hour period. Similar to the following real life event (http://spillcontainment.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/lake-ontario-700-liter-diesel-spill/).

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    • Scenario 2: A massive 8.6 earthquake off the coast of California is detected by USGS seismic sensors. As a result, NOAA creates a Tsunami warning (in CAP) for the West coast of the United States (California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii) and Canada (British Columbia) and ships at sea in the coastal areas of the Pacific Ocean. In each state and province up the coast of North America, a different set of Public Alerting technologies is employed. This could potentially include IPAWS, CAPAN, cell phones (voice, SMS, cell broadcast), web (email, RSS), and social networking (Twitter, Facebook). US Department of Transportation and Transport Canada would issue warnings to all shipping agents and shipping companies to get their ships out of port as would the Coast Guard, US Navy, Air Force, and Canadian Armed Forces.

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    • Scenario 3: A set of suspicious activity alerts are generated by Police departments on both sides of the US/Canada boarder. In addition, a Canadian airport security system (capable of facial recognition) detects a known person of interest at the Toronto Airport. The end result of correlating these events together is the generation of a NIEM Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) which is distributed to FBI, CIA, Coast Guard, RCMP, OPP, and NYPD. The Federal Air Marshal on board the United Airlines flight from Toronto to Chicago is alerted.

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    • Scenario 4: An alert is generated from Rad/Nuc sensors on both sides of the Peace Bridge between the City of Buffalo, New York and the Town of Fort Erie, Ontario. After an automated checking of the license plate of the vehicle and the names of the occupants on the manifest, it is determined that the shipment matches a similar vehicle that passed through another border crossing only 5 minutes ago. Both vehicles claim to be delivering hospital supplies for the same destination. The suspicious vehicle is intercepted immediately for further questioning and an alert to intercept the previous vehicle is also issued to all appropriate jurisdictions along the expected delivery path.

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  2. Technology and Vendor Participation

    Solace Systems is offering to act as an EDXL/CAP gateway between the simulated Canadian systems (using Solace for CAP-CP) and the simulated US systems (using DM-OPEN for CAP, CAP-IPAWS, and EDXL).

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