The OASIS Process Committee had put into place new rules for non-standards track work products on Oct. 15, 2010.

The EMA-TC had invited Mary McRae to the Nov. 12, 2010 EMA TC call, to elaborate on the implications for our work. Several concerns were raised by the attending members about the application of the concept of Committee Notes to work products such as webinars or Wiki.

Shortly thereafter, Mary informed the TC that the "Process Committee had reversed its position" concerning Committee Notes. Some TC members have expressed a need for clarification and it has been decided that the TC will again ask the TC Administrator to join a future call.

In order to facilitate a productive call, we are collecting your questions in this space. So feel free to add to the list below or complement the questions listed. The goal of the meeting should be a clear identification of our work products that fall under the strict rules of the Committee Notes process, and what processes might be considered for other work products to qualify as approved content.

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