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1. Active: Affirmative statements with information cards

IMI-4 in new issue list.

2. Complete: Extensibility around crypto algs

Editors to propose how to introduce this flexibilty, Dec 8. Edits accepted, in CD02, PR1.

3. Complete: Signature requirements with respect to ETSI extensions to DSig

Follow meeting minutes to track list discussion, latest is Jan 8, investigation rsolving that XAdES cannot sign over SAML envelope.

Closed with no action.

4. Complete: Who many output specs do we want?

Agreed at first meeting to combine ISIP, the web guide and Addressing Identity Extensions into single document.

5. Complete: What do we call the spec?

After much discussion at the first meeting we decided to name it after the TC, Identity Metasystem Interoperability 1.0.

6. Complete: Conformance section to be added

We decided to start with the conformance section in WSFED as a guide. It needs qualification for saying obey reqs for functionality you implement. Also we need to follow up with regard to conformance targets, is that required or not?

7. Complete: What is our namespace policy?

We decided to start with the WSFED ns policy as a base

As a side note to this issue we also decided on the following base URIs for our work:

8. Complete: wsa:Address used instead of EPR Section 2.1 - line 206 issuer for issued token calls out the use of EPR, 226 / 239 / 257 shows wsa:address instead of EPR

Resolution applied in CD02, PR1.

9. Active: Sending data from RP to IdP

IMI-5 in new issue list.

10. Complete: Version skew between spec and schema

See msg Resolution applied in CD02, PR1.

11. Complete: Namespace correction

In working with OASIS staff to publish our CD discovered that we need to add our declared ns to the document. In addition the ns string needs to be revised to reflect OASIS guidelines:

Resolution applied in CD02, PR1.

12. Complete: Clarifying when an ic:IssuerId value is required

see msg and subsequent thread, see Jan 8 minutes

Resolution applied in CD02, PR1.

13. Complete: Clarifying that self-issued cards support the PPID claim even though not listed as an ic:SupportedClaimType element

see msg and subsequent thread, see Jan 8 minutes

Resolution applied in CD02, PR1.

14. Complete: Clarifying that the ClientPseudonym/PPID value is always sent when a PPID is requested

see msg and subsequent thread, see Jan 8 minutes

Resolution applied in CD02, PR1.

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