1. Review of 1.2 items
  2. Tracking re-contribution status
  3. Interop
  4. Next f2f
  5. External marketing
  6. 1.3 items

Tim moves that we approve agenda, Mark seconds. Hearing no objections/abstentions, agenda is approved.

Prior minutes Bob L/Saikat - have the AI to finish it by next weeks meeting


  1. Document are being quality checked.
  2. Need to create public review request tickets (Subhash/Saikat)


Saikat to track it


1st KMIP Interop Subcommittee Meeting Held


Tim makes a motion that the next face-to-face will be in the San Francisco Bay area on the 20th and 21st of February, Chuck seconds Hearing no objections/abstentions, face-to-face dates are locked.

Two possible locations:

  1. NetApp in south bay

  2. Oracle in the peninsula

Straw poll needs to be created.

Review of pipeline

Tim walked through the pipeline and updated the page in real time - thanks

External Marketing

Webcast/Youtube video - start with youtube video @ f2f, then incorporate some of the interop into another video

Next week

  1. RNG proposal walkthrough - Tim, Kiran & Bob L

  2. NIST Key lifecycle - Chuck and his colleagues @ Semper-Fortis
  3. Streaming proposal

Tim moves that we adjourn, Judy seconds. Hearing no objections/abstentions, we are adjourned.

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