Meeting Minutes January 5, 2017

Meeting commenced 8:00PM GMT

Proposed agenda

Motion to approve Agenda

Motion to approve December 1st and December 8th Meeting Minutes

KMIP 1.3 update (Tony C.)

Motion to request TC admin for a special majority ballot to approve KMIP 1.3 profile document as is

KMIP 1.4 update (Tony C.)

Motion to include a clarification in KMIP 1.4 working draft regarding th scope of extractable and sensitive attributes

Motion to freeze functionality for KMIP 1.4 documents

KMIP 2.0 (Tony C.)

KMIP 1.3 Votes (Hal L.)

RSA Interop planning (Tony C.)

Face to Face meeting planning (US-Bay Area 9-10 Feb 2017)

Meeting Time

Call for late attendees

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting Adjourned at 8:54 PM GMT

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