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NOTE: This wiki is provided by the OASIS standards consortium as a collaborative tool for OASIS members who wish to discuss issues of interest to our community. All OASIS members and participants who join the "oasis-member-discuss" general mail list are permitted to post to these pages. However, this is not a technical workspace for specification development: Technical work at OASIS only takes place within official technical committees.

These pages are publicly visible, so posters should only share content that is appropriate for unlimited distribution. However, Wiki pages are transient documents, so intermediate edits may not be saved. Users should move any information that requires permanent archiving to a separate permanent location.

This wiki is available to OASIS Members as a lightweight structured discussion tool. The content is public (world-readable); only members who have joined the oasis-member-discuss list (see above) may edit it. Access is only enforced at the end of each editing session, when you try to save changes. Please do not delete any material from this front page, as it necessarily contains the top-level links to other resources in this Wiki. General instructions about using wikis can be found at the bottom of this page.

Standards Development Resources

One branch of this Wiki is the TC Guidelines Comments space, which readily can be accessed from the top-level GuidelinesCommentsFrontPage. That branch is a member comment facility for the TC Guidelines. The TC Guidelines are non-normative advice, explanations and best practices information about the OASIS TC Process. Each section of the Guidelines has a corresponding public comments page in this Wiki.

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