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Shuran Hua,
Review and co-owner, Peter Junge,

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Text Border


This proposal introduces new text properties to support drawing a border similar to [CSS box model] around a random span of text. So far, such borders could only be defined on paragraph level, see '4.1.2 <text:p>' at [ODF 1.2 CD03].
Adding this feature will also increase interoperability with other file formats, as it is already supported in both Open XML and UOF.

CSS box model ODF 1.2 CD03


Use cases:

In Chinese typography borders around a group of characters are used as a way to emphasize content, for example names in memoriam notices.

Alternatives considered:

No, as this feature is quite easy to add, mostly reusing existing attributes.

Requested changes to the ODF Standard

Text changes/additions (please state section numbers):

Add the appropriate text properties for borders to 15.11.12 <style:text-properties> as following:
15.11.12 <style:text-properties>
The <style:text-properties> element has the following attributes:
... fo:border 19.174.2, fo:border-bottom 19.174.3 fo:border-left 19.174.4, fo:border-right 19.174.5, fo:border-top 19.174.6, fo:margin 19.196, fo:margin-bottom 19.197 fo:margin-left 19.198, fo:margin-right 19.199, fo:margin-top 19.200, fo:padding 19.208, fo:padding-bottom 19.209, fo:padding-left 19.210, fo:padding-right 19.211, fo:padding-top 19.212, fo:keep-with-next 19.192 style:border-line-width 19.238, style:border-line-width-bottom 19.239, style:border-line-width-left 19.240, style:border-line-width-right 19.241, style:border-line-width-top 19.242, 19.290 style:join-border, style:shadow 19.347.
Update the reference information accordingly in sections:
19.174.2 fo:border, 19.174.3 fo:border-bottom, 19.174.4 fo:border-left, 19.174.5 fo:border-right, 19.174.6 fo:border-top, 19.196 fo:margin, 19.197 fo:margin-bottom, 19.198 fo:margin-left, 19.199 fo:margin-right, 19.200 fo:margin-top, 19.208 fo:padding, 19.209 fo:padding-bottom, 19.210 fo:padding-left, 19.211 fo:padding-right, 19.212 fo:padding-top, 19.192 fo:keep-with-next, 19.238 style:border-line-width, 19.239 style:border-line-width-bottom, 19.240 style:border-line-width-left, 19.241 style:border-line-width-right, 19.242 style:border-line-width-top, 19.290 style:join-border and 19.347 style:shadow.
For example, 19.174.2 fo:border
The fo:border attribute is usable with the following elements: <style:text-properties>15.11.12, <style:graphic-properties> 16.13, ...

Schema changes/additions:

The schema changes exclusively make existing attributes available to be used with 15.11.12 <style:text-properties>.
Additions to the schema at line 15890 (for example) as follows:
<define name="style-text-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
      <ref name="common-border-attlist"/>
<define name="style-text-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
      <ref name="common-border-line-width-attlist"/>
<define name="style-text-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
      <ref name="common-margin-attlist"/>
<define name="style-text-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
      <ref name="common-padding-attlist"/>
<define name="style-text-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
      <ref name="common-shadow-attlist"/>
<define name="style-text-properties-attlist" combine="interleave">
      <ref name="common-keep-with-next-attlist"/>



Applications that have not implemented the feature shall ignore it.

Backwards compatibility:

Existing ODF processors are expected to ignore the text border feature.

Accessibility impact:

We do not expect any impact on accessibility, as it only uses existing usage methods.

Workflow (to be filled in by TC Chairs)

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