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Svante Schubert

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Change Proposal for ODF 1.2 Metadata - Usage of W3C GRDDL standard


Use cases:

The "Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages" ([http://www.w3.org/TR/grddl GRDDL]) is helpful for the OpenDocument file format by assisting none-ODF applications, which are interested in the metadata of an ODF XML file (content.xml, styles.xml and meta.xml). By GRDDL those applications receive the instructions to extract the RDF graph via an algorithm (e.g. XSLT).
This is archived by providing an attribute on the ODF root element that references in our case to an XSLT stylesheet (based on OASIS ODF TC site) that provides instructions to transform the in-content metadata to an RDF/XML file.

This technique will help us to leverage ODF documents to citizens of a Semantic Web. 
This technique was strongly suggested by the Semantic Web Interest group and has close to no impact on ODF applications.

Alternatives considered:

No adequate standard known to fulfill this task.  

Requested changes to the ODF Standard

Text changes/additions (please state section numbers):

Add grrdl namespace to chapter 1.3 "Namespaces".

Add the grddl:transformation attribute definition:
"The GRDDL attribute added to an ODF file root element declares that the file includes data compatible with the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and links to algorithms (typically represented in XSLT), for extracting this data from the document.
This algorithm is intended for non ODF applications, the interpretation of the algorithm is optional for ODF applications."

(cp. http://www.w3.org/TR/2007/REC-grddl-20070911/#grddl-xml)

As stated previously GRDDL will extract the RDFa from content.xml and styles.xml to RDF/XML and map the OpenDocument XML of the meta.xml to RDF/XML via XSLT.
I was asked to add explicitly in the specification that the common meta.xml elements should be mapped to RDF by an ODF application in a defined way:

"All OpenDocument elements of the meta.xml should be mapped to RDF.
The algorithm is provided by the OASIS hosted XSL stylesheet. [Editor's Note: Add link] "

The stylesheet is an implementation detail, but a mapping from meta.xml to RDF could be done as the following:

<office:document-meta xmlns:office="....>
        <meta:user-defined meta:name="achieved at">26.08.2004</meta:user-defined>
        <meta:user-defined meta:name="working hours">5</meta:user-defined>
        <meta:document-statistic meta:table-count="5" meta:image-count="3" />

RDF (N3):
<DOCUMENT_IRI> meta:print-date "2004-08-20T07:38:27" .
<DOCUMENT_IRI> meta:document-statistic [meta:table-count "5"; meta:image-count="3"]
<DOCUMENT_IRI> meta:user-defined [meta:name "working hours"; meta:value "5"]  .
<DOCUMENT_IRI> meta:user-defined [meta:name "working hours"; meta:value "26.08.2004"] .

Where <DOCUMENT_IRI> is the IRI to the document of the meta.xml (document root).
E.g. the <DOCUMENT_IRI> for the meta.xml of the root document of the uploaded proposal would be:

Please find the changes within the previous approved ODF 1.2 metadata change request with change tracking enabled:

Schema changes/additions:


<define name="office-document-common-attrs" combine="interleave">
    <attribute name="grddl:transformation">
                <data type="anyURI"/>



No mandatory features or behaviors to ODF documents or applications had been added.

Backwards compatibility:

No compatibility problems as it is addition to the new ODF 1.2 metadata feature.

Accessibility impact:

No Accessibility impact

Workflow (to be filled in by TC Chairs)

Category: CategoryIntegratedProposal CategoryODF1.2Proposal

This proposal has been combined with the following proposals for discussion/voting: Change_Proposal_for_ODF_1.2_Metadata_-_Adaption_of_RDF_mapping_to_relative_URLs, Change_Proposal_for_ODF_1.2_Metadata_-_Adaption_of_W3C_RDFa_standard

Date Proposal initially made:

Dates Proposal discussed on TC calls: 15-Dec-2008

Date vote is requested:

Date vote is held: 12 January 2009

Results of vote: Approved

Version in which this proposal has been integrated: ODF 1.2 draft 8

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