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Svante Schubert

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Change Proposal for ODF 1.2 using URL fragment identifiers for ODF media types


Use cases:

When using ODF documents in a web environment, there is often the problem to refer to a certain subset of an ODF‚ document:
a heading, paragraph, table, cell, graphic,...

The solution would be to specify for our ODF media types a fragment identifier as HTML had done it before, just extended for usage for a package format. 

A single ID as fragment identifer (as in HTML) would not be sufficient as we might have multiple XML files within the package with the same xml:id. Therefore we need in addition the path to the file to make the ID unique.

According to the URI RFC (http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc3986.txt)

URI         = scheme ":" hier-part [ "?" query ] [ "#" fragment ]
fragment      = *( pchar | "/" | "?" )

we could define fragment identifier for ODF 1.2 as follows:

A fragment identifier for all OpenDocument format mediatype (odf-fragment) refers to a resource within the OpenDocument package.

An odf-fragment consists either of a stream-path or a stream-path and a fragment identifier of a stream.

(An ODF URL with fragment identifier might look like:

The fragment within the ODF fragment has to be resolved accordingly to the mediatype of the stream.
(For example for 
id1 would be resolved as an fragment identifier for HTML. )

The syntax of ODF fragment identifiers is:

odf-fragment = [ "#"  stream-path  | ( stream-path "?" fragment ) |  xml-id ]
stream-path =  "/" pchar *( pchar  |  "/" )
fragment      = *( pchar  | "/" | "?" )
xml-id     =  see W3C xml:id spec

As general the xml:id of the content.xml will be used, an abbreviation would ease the usage:

An xml:id without path shall always belong to the root "/content.xml" stream.

The following two URLs therefor would be considered as equal:

Further examples:


Alternatives considered:

No adequate standard known to fulfill this task.  

Requested changes to the ODF Standard

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The text changes are in progress and will be submitted on Wednesday the 10th of December latest.

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The Relax NG schema changes are in progress and will be submitted on Wednesday the 10th of December latest.



No mandatory features or behaviors to ODF documents or applications had been added.

Backwards compatibility:

No compatibility problems as it is addition to the new ODF 1.2 metadata feature.

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No Accessibility impact

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