Operation "Deletion of a paragraph"

The deletion of a paragraph from a document means the removal of a paragraph element [A] inclusive attributes, content and sub elements from the document. According [A] a paragraph element is an ODF <text:p> element or an ODF <text:h> element.

A paragraph element can be removed from various areas of a document:

The following information is needed to represent such a change to a document:

The change for an deletion of an ODF component is represented by change tracking element <change:deletion> [4].

The type of the ODF component is specified by change tracking attribute change:component [5] with value "paragraph" [6].

The position of the ODF component is specified by change tracking attributes change:area and change:pos [7]. Attribute change:area specifies the area in which the change has occurred. Attributes change:pos specifies the path to the ODF component inside the specified area. The path value identifies the ODF component by giving the child numbers of ODF components tree hierarchy inside the area [8].

change:component, change:area and change:pos are attributes of change tracking element <change:deletion>.

Inside an ODF document this operation is used to change-track the insertion of a paragraph to the document. To change-track the insertion of a paragraph into the document an operation "Deletion of a paragraph" is stored in the change track stack [9].



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