Grouping for radio form elements


Proposal owner: Florian Reuter (freuter at novell dot com), Jonathan Pryor (jpryor at novell dot com)

Proposal short name: Grouping for radio form elements.

Requested changes to the ODF Standard

Text changes/additions (please state section numbers): New optional attribute form:group-name for the <form:radio> element in section 11.3.14.

Schema changes/additions:

<define name="form-radio-attlist" combine="interleave">
                <attribute name="form:group-name">
                        <ref name="string"/>


Use cases:

Currently ODF provides not way to group radio buttons. The new attribute will add grouping support.

Alternatives considered:

No alternatives.



New feature. Older ODF processors will ignore the element and thus treat is as one group only.

Accessibility impact:

Grouping adds additional structure and helps accessibility.

Workflow (to be filled in by TC Chairs)

Category: CategoryNewProposal

Date Proposal initially made: 3 July 2008

Dates Proposal discussed on TC calls: 4 August 2008

Date vote is requested:

Date vote is held:

Results of vote:

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