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Proposal owner:

Florian Reuter

Proposal short name:

Add "style:header-first" (style:footer-first) similar to "style:header-left" (style:footer-left).


Use cases:

Sometimes users want different header/footer not only on left/right pages, but also on the first page.

If the style:header-first/style:footer-first is present, then the fist page with which the master-page is rendered get the header/footer defined by style:header-first resp. style:footer-first.

Alternatives considered:

There is often more than one way to accomplish a task.  For your use case, what other alternatives did you consider, and why did you find them inadequate?  

Requested changes to the ODF Standard

Text changes/additions (please state section numbers):

Enter specific text edits here

Schema changes/additions:

Enter specific Relax NG schema edits here



Does this proposal add any mandatory features or behaviors to ODF documents or applications?

Backwards compatibility:

If we make this change, what will be the impact on existing ODF processors?

Accessibility impact:

Will this feature require review by the Accessibility Subcommittee?  For example, does it add structure to the document that can be navigated, store a user-viewable string or associate a label with content?

Workflow (to be filled in by TC Chairs)

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Results of vote:

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