The TC's public homepage is here

You can download from there the documents we've officially published,such as ODF 1.0 and ODF 1.1 and the ODF 1.1 Accessibility Guidelines.

If you go to the TC member's page you'll see our meeting schedule and working documents.

We have a Wiki where we track the status of proposals as they are suggested, discussed, approved and eventually integrated into the specification.

We have several mailing lists which you can sign up for. The main discussion list is . By joining the TC you are automatically subscribed to this using the email address you used when you registered with OASIS. You should also explicitly sign up for the public comment list. This is how non-OASIS members suggest changes, corrections, or additions to ODF. You can subscribe by sending a note to: .

We also have a users mailing list for discussions by users of the ODF standard. You can join by sending a note to:

Also, we currently have four subcommittees which each have their own mailing lists: accessibility, spreadsheet formulas, metadata and requirements. If you are interested in any of those topics, you can get onto the mailing list by joining the subcommittee by selecting it from the list of all OASIS TC's and clicking the "Join Group". Join as a member if you want to participate in the Subcommittee, or as an observer if you want to receive the mailing list traffic, but not participate.

There is additional orientation information available at the OASIS Members page.

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