ODF 1.2 Document Structure


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Dennis E. Hamilton

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Define the structure within and among the artifacts that comprise the representation of a single ODF document.  Account for variations among the specified document types, for variations with regard to (version) conformance, and for variations among 
 * XML-document components that are defined by the specification, 
 * non-XML components and packagings defined by the specification, 
 * other components (XML-documents and otherwise) recognized by but not defined by the specification.

Increasing the precision of document-structure definition is important with respect to 
 * definition of conformance, validity, and well-formedness
 * clarification of the relationships among ODF-specified components  
 * reconciliation of the relationship among components that are packaged together but not explicitly linked, components that are packaged together and explicitly linked, and components that are connected by linking but not packaging



This approach material will be removed as the proposal is fleshed out.

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Schema changes/additions:

Schema changes are not expected for this proposal.  This proposal focuses on the relationship among separate components and not details of the XML documents that occur as ODF documents or ODF subdocument (i.e., the root elements).  The schemas for the various root elements and for free-standing documents are not expected to change.  There is also no change expected for schemas and specifications for components incorporated and customized by reference from the ODF specification.



 * There is expected to be a connection with the model for ODF document structures and the specification of conformance.  
 * The agreed specification of ODF 1.2 Document Structure may provide additional differentiation of conformant, loosely-conformant, non-conformant, and other degrees of conformance along with other conformance distinctions being made for the first time with ODF 1.2.

Backwards compatibility:

There should be no impact of this proposal on existing ODF documents (and their document structures) and existing implementations of ODF processors beyond the impact of changed version identification (see ["ODF 1.2 Version Significance"])  The specification of ODF 1.2 Document Structure does not introduce breaking changes in the processing of ODF documents.

Accessibility impact:

Codification of ODF 1.2 Document Structure does not alter the accessibility considerations that apply in the processing of ODF documents.  No new elements or attributes are added.  How and whether document structure is characterized as part of an interactive interface is entirely in the province of processor implementation.

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