ODF 1.2 Document Types


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Dennis E. Hamilton

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The variety of document types and the types that may arise as internal and external components of documents need to be identified, their precise characteristic structures stipulated, and their conformance characteristics, individually and in aggregate, established.

MIMETYPE values are made normative for (loosely) conformant documents as part of this reconciliation of ODF Document Type concepts.


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This proposal is intended to identify a specified set of document types and their relationships so that the conformance conditions on ODF documents and their processors can be precisely expressed.  The explicit specification of document types and their component conditions is intended to have a basis for agreement among adopters of ODF and providers of ODF processors.

Backwards compatibility:

Enactment of this proposal is intended to capture the tacit reliance on document types that is latent in previous ODF specifications.  It is expected that current processors already operate in a manner that is compatible with this specification for ODF document types.  There may be differences with respect to the sharpened definition of conformance for ODF 1.2; there should be no impact on current implementations provided that ODF 1.2 documents are otherwise acceptable to the implementation.

Accessibility impact:

This proposal has no accessibility impact.  The detection of and conformance to document types are a requirement on processors that does not depend on user interaction.  Users may have means to specify particular types of ODF document to be created or accessed, but those provisions and their accessibility are completely separate from the representation of document types in the ODF documents and within ODF processors.

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