ODF 1.2 Version Significance


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Dennis E. Hamilton

Brief Description:

Provide a tightened definition of version-number significance in ODF documents that is backward compatible, precise, and anticipates further versions.



These considerations will be adjusted as the proposal is fleshed out:

Use cases:

Use of office:version and manifest:version needs to be clarified as to the degree to which they are (loosely) descriptive and restrictive and what the requirements are for down-level and up-level acceptors, including the preferable behavior of down-level processors that encounter unrecognized or unsupported features in a known or later version.
'''TBD:''' No need for elaborate formal use cases.  But give a few sentences that explain what this feature is and does from the perspective of the consumer of this feature.  The consumer might be the end user of the application.  It might be an application developer.  It might be an archivist.  It could be almost anyone.  But please give a few words on why this feature should interest us.

Alternatives considered:

There is often more than one way to accomplish a task.  For your use case, what other alternatives did you consider, and why did you find them inadequate?  '''TBD'''

Requested changes to the ODF Standard

1. This version of the proposal does not address the manifest:version attribute.  
   This will be dealt with separately.

2. This version will be reconciled with the final Conformance section as the 
   ODF 1.2 specification is pulled together. 

3. The use of the loose term "apparently ODF" will be revisited and clarified
   in some way, if that portion is retained.

4. There is a tacit assumption, in the notes and in the recommended optional 
   treatment of non-1.2 document as 1.2, that the breaking changes between 
   ODF 1.2 and earlier versions are explicitly known, at least in some non-
   normative guidance. 

Replace the text in section 18.588 of OpenDocument-v1.2-draft7-13.odt with the following text -- orcmid 2009-01-12 18:16:27):

18.588 The office:version attribute

The office:version attribute identifies the version of ODF specification that defines the associated element, its schema, its complete content, and its interpretation.

The office:version attribute shall be present in each and every <office:document>, <office:document-content>, <office:document-styles>, <office:document-meta>, and <office:document-settings> element in the XML documents that comprise an ODF 1.2 document. The value of the office:version attribute shall be "1.2".

In any case where an apparent ODF document does not provide the office:version attributes and values required for ODF 1.2 documents, an ODF 1.2 implementation may process the document as if it is an ODF 1.2 document:

[Note to Editor: These section numbers and (corrected) Appendix letters correspond to those of OpenDocument-v1.2-draft7-13.odt and may need to be reviewed and adjusted to apply to subsequent drafts.]

Schema changes/additions:

The current schema has office:version="1.2" be an office-document-common-attrs non-optional attribute with required value. This proposal makes no change to the schema.



This proposal requires that explicit schema version dependency be provided in all XML parts of ODF 1.2 document representations. The version dependency is not optional for ODF 1.2. Absence of explicit version indication is defined to signify presence of an XML part specified in a previous specification for ODF. The recommended behavior when accepting different-versions document into a processor for ODF 1.2 is made explicit and optional.

Backwards compatibility:

This proposal applies specifically to ODF 1.2. The version significance for ODF 1.0 and ODF 1.1 is preserved and processors that accept and produce those format versions are not impacted.

Accessibility impact:

This feature has no impact on accessibility. The feature addresses conformance of XML documents, involving attributes and conformance aspects that are not related to presentation and accessibility of document format and content.

Difficulties with preservation of accessibility features that differ across versions of ODF are unchanged by this definition of version significance.

Workflow (to be filled in by TC Chairs)

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Date Proposal initially made:

Dates Proposal discussed on TC calls:5 January 2009

Date vote is requested:

Date vote is held: 19-01-2008

Results of vote: preliminary approved, see minutes

ODF version into which the proposal has been integrated: ODF 1.2 draft 8

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