Daniel Carrera has an XSLT-based tool that generates a spreadsheet test suite automatically from the specification.

Download tool from here

To use:

The resulting test suite file is called TestSuite.ods.

You must have xsltproc in your PATH to run this. It assumes a Unix-like environment; it runs on Windows in Cygwin.

"The program works well. I'm not aware of any errors in converting the spec into a test suite, and I've tested it carefully. So hopefully there aren't too many errors I'm not aware of :)"

Notes from Carrera

The test suite is mostly configurable simply by editing the file template.ods. For example, if you want to add test data, just add it to testsuite.ods.

The test suite is nicely colour-coded, to make errors easy to spot. On the last column it gives informative warnings when possible. Some of those are intended for us, and others are for the implementor. When the program notices something funny in the spec it'll either say SPEC ERROR or SPEC WARNING, and some details. Currently those warnings are:

The point of the latter is that it is a common mistake for people to type , instead of ;. I made it only a "warning" because the expression might legitimately have a comma (e.g. inside a date string).

Over-all, I'm trying to make the results as informative as possible for both the implementor and us.

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