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Doug Mahugh

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date axis on charts


Use cases:

ODF currently supports many chart types that contain an X-Axis that has data points spaced at even intervals (area chart, bar chart, etc.), however, ODF does not allow the rendering of these chart types when the data points are spaced at varying intervals.  There are common user cases when a user want to use one of these chart types but has data at varying intervals, specifically around the use of dates as category values.  This proposal would allow users to create charts that have dates as category values which are then used to space out the data points at their relative scale on a date axis.

Alternatives considered:

Note that this could also potentially be moved to the style of the chart:category element.

Requested changes to the ODF Standard

Text changes/additions (please state section numbers):

Add to the bottom of the Categories (10.10) section of ODF 1.1 the following:

Axis Type

The chart:axis-type attribute specifies if the category label values are interpreted as text, dates, or automatically by the application.

If an axis type is set to “date” or has been set to “auto” and interpreted by the application to contain dates, the axis will rendered with the dates scaled across the axis and the data points placed at the corresponding date on the axis. 

The chart:axis-base-time-unit attribute is used on a date axis to specify the smallest time unit that is represented on the date axis. 

Schema changes/additions:

<define name="chart-categories-attlist" combine="interleave">
      <attribute name="chart:axis-type">
        <attribute name="chart:axis-base-time-unit">
    <attribute name="chart:axis-type">

This will also include the modification of the chart:categories element to include <ref name="chart-categories-attlist"/>



No impact.

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No impact.

Accessibility impact:

No impact.

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