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Doug Mahugh

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draw:z-index semantics


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The standard currently does not specify how draw:z-index values should be used to determine relative positioning of objects.  Clarifying this behavior will improve interoperability for documents that make use of draw:z-index.

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Section 18.399 draw:z-index

The draw:z-index attribute defines a rendering order for shapes in a document instance.

Document text is considered to have a draw:z-index value of 0, and objects shall be rendered in draw:z-index order, with lower values rendered behind higher values.  For example, a shape with a draw:z-index value of -1 would be rendered behind the document text, and a shape with a draw:z-index value of 1 would be rendered in front of the document text.

Shapes are rendered in the order in which they appear in the document in the absence of this attribute.

Schema changes/additions:

No schema changes.



No impact on conformance, because this is an optional attribute.

Backwards compatibility:

There is a possibility of some backwards compatibility impact. Since this behavior was not specified in previous versions, existing processors may have implemented other means to accomplish this feature.  If the standard clearly states what the behavior should be for this attribute, existing behavior in some implementations may differ from the standard.

Accessibility impact:

No impact on accessibility.

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