use xml:id in custom slide shows


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Thorsten Zachmann

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use xml:id in custom slide shows


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Section 18.615 presentation:pages

The use of the draw:name inside the presentation:pages attribute has serveral drawbacks. The draw:name of the page is optional. But for the feature to work the name needs to be set. To make that work implementations use a fake name that acts as no name was set. So different implementations would need the algorithm other implementation use for that so say could find out it is a syntetic name that is there only as there is no name for the page set.

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Requested changes to the ODF Standard

Text changes/additions (please state section numbers):

Add a section in chapter 18:

18.xxxx: presentation:page-ids

The presentation:page-ids attribute specifies a comma separated list of ids of pages as given by the xml:id attributes on <draw:page> elements. The pages are displayed in the order in which they are listed during a presentation that uses this show. Pages can be included more than once. If the presentation:page-ids attribute and the presentation:pages attribute are present the presentation:page-ids has to be used.

The presentation:pages attribute may be used with the following element: <presentation:show>

Schema changes/additions:

The following should be added to the schema:

<define name="presentation-show-attlist" combine="interleave">
    <attribute name="presentation:page-ids"/>



Conformant presentation applications should use presentation:page-ids in presentation:show to determine the pages to show.

Backwards compatibility:

As this is a new attribute which has precedence over the old attribute there are no problems with backward compatipility.

Accessibility impact:

No impact on accessibility.

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