Application Scenarios

Common scenarios in the useful application of ODF-supporting software

Real-World Document Cases


Conference Presentations

Informal Presentations

Note Taking

Presentations that are created on the fly and used to capture meeting minutes or brainstorming results.

Photo Books

Presentations that are photo-heavy and provide simple slide shows with photos as the primary content.

Pitch Books

Presentations that are very information dense and often used in the financial services sector.

Sales Presentations

Presentations that are designed to be given to a potential customer with the goal of distinguishing the presenter/presenter’s organization from the competition.


Presentations that are generally used as kiosks ( both interactive and not ) as well as self-paced training and education.


Single-slide presentations generally used for creating certificates, posters and signs.


Application Add-ins

Spreadsheets that contain code which provides custom functions, macros (to automate tasks), or UI to make the user more efficient when working with the spreadsheet.


Spreadsheets that are information dense, usually rolling up a company’s financial situation through many formulas and relationships.

Data Analysis

Spreadsheets that contain copious amounts of information (often from another application, external data sources, or copy/paste) and are then used to summarize the information, turning it into data.

Data Interchange

Spreadsheets that are used to convey information from one application to another - usually in the form of CSV/TSV.

Data Manipulation

Spreadsheets that consolidate information from various data sources (or manual entry) and then clean the data through a series of macros or user interaction in order to make it more reliable for consumption by other LOB applications

Financial Statements / Balance Sheets

Spreadsheets that contain an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Relatively simple in that they contain Text, numbers, formatting, and a few formulas.

Forms and Calculators

Spreadsheets that are used to input data that is later used for other LOB systems or for a calculator in the same workbook. These spreadsheets often have very locked down sheets, where the user can only select certain options or enter data in certain cells.


Spreadsheets that are used as a 2 dimensional layout surface (for the structure of the grid) in order to build a well laid out document.

Pitch Books

Spreadsheets that are used like a Presentation, generally with one "slide" per sheet.


Spreadsheets that are used to track resources and work items for a project, often including a Gantt chart of the project timeline using a grid.

Stochastic Modeling / Simulation

Spreadsheets that are used to perform iterative analysis of/prediction of an event taking place in order predict the outcome of said event. These spreadsheets that contain information that models a real-life system (oil production, factory floor, financial vehicles, etc.) to which inputs can be inserted and the results analyzed in order to find efficiencies.

Tracking Lists

Spreadsheets consisting of a list (or lists) of data, usually manually entered into the spreadsheet.



Documents that contain carefully formatted content intended for publication in a magazine/journal.


Documents that are used to compile the manuscript of a book in a format ready for publication.


Documents containing several pages of basic, unformatted text, without specific formatting requirements.


Documents used as marketing materials – single page, designed for 6+ foot readability.


Documents that contain a page of label templates, which are merged with addresses and printed.

Documents used in legal proceedings – must conform to a specific layout/form, and are typically built over many revisions by many authors.


Documents containing plain, unformatted text, intended for personal communication.

Meeting Notes

Documents used to capture the results of a meeting– often informal, created ad-hoc during the meeting itself.


Documents used to formally present a small amount of information (e.g. an initiative or concept).


Documents containing multiple streams of specially laid out content (typically a fixed layout making use of 2D aspects of the page).

Notes / Lists

Documents that are created on demand to store informal information (e.g. brainstorming data).


Documents that contain an outline of a larger document, but little/none of the actual contents.


Documents containing a customer proposal, compiled from several authors and many sources (spreadsheets, presentations, etc.).

Research Papers / Reports

Documents that are highly technical and conform to a specific layout – common usage of academic features like equations/bibliography.


Short, highly structured documents intended to convey information in a single page. Formatting is used to customize the structured base.

Structured Documents / Forms

Documents that contain structured content intended to be populated from data sources (e.g. a database) or form input from the user.

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