Interop Advisories

Candidate Advisories

Draft Advisories

Initial Draft / Work in Progress

Workflow example

  1. OIC member creates an "Interop Advisory Draft", similar to the example above + preferably an example/test document(s) (or screenshot, error log... whatever is useful) in SVN
  2. Member sends a mail to the OIC mailing list (heads-up)
  3. Discussion on the mailinglist:
    1. Is this an implementation bug ? Two options:
      1. it is a clear bug: file a bug report (-> vendor), do not publish advisory, but use test document (if any) in "OIC Test Suite"

      2. the ODF spec isn't clear / non obvious bug: file a bug report (-> vendor), and do publish an advisory + use test document (if any) for "OIC Test Suite"

    2. Is it an issue of the ODF spec:
      1. publish advisory, contact ODF TC (send mail to the ODF TC list or directly create an ODF TC JIRA ticket + use test document (if any) for an "OIC Test Suite"
    3. Are there issues with the advisory and/or text documents (invalid ODF, wrong description etc) -> create JIRA issue

  4. Publishing an advisory:
    1. At the first conference call after the initial mail, the issue is discussed during the call
    2. When all JIRA-issues are resolved, either a informal ballot during a TC call or an informal 7-day e-ballot is created (to see if OIC Members agree on the advisory)
    3. Special Majority: update the status of the Advisory to Approved and add a link from this Wiki page to that the advisory in SVN
  5. Publishing a collection of Advisories:
    1. At regular intervals (3 months ?), the Advisories in SVN and the test files are collected (ZIP file in Kavi)
    2. Using the OASIS Specification template, a short description with correct cover / boiler plate is created (no conformance clauses)
    3. Following the regular OASIS rules (voting, majority, naming conventions, OASIS repository etc), this collection is promoted to CD (perhaps even CS)

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