What You'll Find

OpenDocument is the Online Community for the OpenDocument Format OASIS Standard.

It provides


To contribute on OpenDocument, it is necessary to for a free account.

Postings are permitted once you log in with your account.

OIC Participation and Contributions to OIC

Although OIC members may be found participating on OpenDocument, offerings there are not official.

The work, including approved and unapproved material, of the OIC TC is reflected on the OASIS OIC TC page, on the public OIC TC list, in the OIC documents repository, and on the TC wiki (here).

The OIC will not accept contributions on OpenDocument as contributions to the work of OIC. If you have comments on the activities of OIC and the materials that it produces, please submit them on the OIC TC Public Comment list after registering to use the list. Material posted to that list is the only avenue for making external contributions to the OIC TC. (last edited 2009-08-12 18:04:56 by localhost)