Scribe Duties

To ensure transparency and accountability it is important that we keep a record of the dealings of our TC. For this reason we take minutes of every official meeting, be it physical or on the phone. All TC members (that does not include observers) ought to help with this task.

At the start of every meeting a scribe will be selected. Historical record of who's already scribed, how many times, and when will be used for the selection.

The OSLC chatroom serves as our primary means of recording minutes. All attendees ought to join the chatroom when possible. If for any reason you cannot join the chatroom, make sure to let everyone know you're on the phone so that your presence is known and your attendance is recorded.

Don't be intimidated. No one is expected to be a touch-typist and while it is nice to capture the main points of the discussion the goal is not to have a verbatim recording of what everyone said. Some argue that capturing the chatter actually clutters the minutes.

The goal is to have enough so that when read months later, or read by someone who didn't attend the meeting, one can get the gist of what happened.

Do your best and ask for help whenever necessary. Scribes have interrupt privileges. They can at any time interrupt to ask for clarification.

All participants should keep an eye on the chatroom and check that what is being recorded is accurate. Simply type in any necessary correction or addition. Practically speaking, it is best that whoever speaks checks that what is recorded sufficiently represents any important statement they'd like to be recorded.

Of all things the following must be properly recorded:

The chair follows the agenda and announces what topic is being discussed. Scribes can simply copy/paste the topic in the chat to note the change, a la: "topic: xxx" which helps structure the minutes.

Minutes are considered "draft minutes" until they are officially approved, typically at the start of the following meeting.

People who haven't scribed yet



Umberto Caselli


Florian Georg


Bill Chown


Erich Meier


Uri Shani


Lonnie VanZandt


People who have already scribed



John Arwe


Steve Speicher


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