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Martin Pain
John Arwe

John Arwe (IBM), Martin Pain (IBM), Uri Shani (IBM), Umberto Caselli (IBM). Quorum not achieved.

Florian Georg and Steve Speicher

Original Chat transcript from room: oslc-automation

[16:13] John Arwe (IBM): scribe: John Arwe

[16:13] John Arwe (IBM): ... under the assumption that either (a) we will get to quorum eventually or (b) others will use them to catch up.

[16:14] John Arwe (IBM): Topic: Scenario submitted via email

[16:14] John Arwe (IBM):

[16:17] John Arwe (IBM): some recap of concepts coverable via oslc automation 2.0, which is an accepted contribution.

[16:17] Martin Pain (IBM):

[16:18] Martin Pain (IBM):

[16:19] John Arwe (IBM): scenarios link above is from oslc automation 2.0; second link is working group's home page, which also has information about scope and has companion documents like best practices and primer that might help those new to automation 2.0

[16:20] John Arwe (IBM): Uri notes that scenarios are software-build oriented, whereas same basic process applies to other things like simulation, optimization, ....

[16:21] John Arwe (IBM): reading the oasis wiki scenario, C3 variant B refers to parallel builds... first I'm seeing that requirement emerging, on a top to bottom read. seems like a good one (non-obvious) if we are capturing reqts somewhere.

[16:22] John Arwe (IBM): back to Martin's scenario: automation 2.0 does not cover hand-offs across providers, e.g. (in this case) how to "map" the build artifacts (outputs) from one step to input parameters on a later step. discussion with Uri about SOA.

[16:23] John Arwe (IBM): Uri: SOA has been around a long time, has solutions for that problem.

[16:28] John Arwe (IBM): Uri: is it a goal of this spec that the inter-service bindings (mapping of parameters) could be automatically generated? Martin: not one has asked for that yet.

[16:31] John Arwe (IBM): ... Martin's scenario leaves that to the user to do.

[16:35] John Arwe (IBM): Uri: SOA may not be an issue here, you're trying to be more concrete here.

[16:36] John Arwe (IBM): Uri: should address lifecycle aspects beyond testing and software

[16:48] John Arwe (IBM): adjourned

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